True Tears 1: Crazy Witchcraft

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And it’s True Tears, an anime that I was indeed interested in. And I must say that the first thing that strikes me about it is that the art and animation are just beautiful. The CG backgrounds are indeed a bit unusual, but they do match Shin’chiro’s talent/hobby/obsession of watercoloring.

The plot is probably going to become very similar to your average Key harem. See, there’s already a crazy loli-tsundere who can do MAGIC (or not)! But, I’m not complaining, Noe-chan is great! And Hiromi’s coodere complex is terrible. Off with her head!

As for Aiko, she’ll probably just be neglected throughout the whole series. Noe and Hiromi start the series off in a great tear-fest, while Aiko is laughing her head off. That’s much too bad, I’d rather concentrate on dear Aiko then Hiromi. I hate all coodere. Even Mai.

True Tears start off nicely, and I hope that this niceness will continue throughout the whole series. I am highly anticipating when they reveal Noe-chan’s plot-twisting backstory (of course she has one, this is a drama harem!). If we have to endure lots of subplots concerning Aiko and Hiromi, so be it.


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