Shigofumi 1: Unexpected Yandere Attacks

January 19, 2008 at 10:45 pm | Posted in Shigofumi | Leave a comment
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Played some Narcissu. Now time to get back on track.

Ayase is a textbook example of a yandere. Too bad I don’t enjoy textbook examples of yandere. Yangire are just so much better.

If the people in the preview are her and her sister, the next episode seems to be setting the stage for Ayase to kill her little sister. And if she kills that loli, oh, I’ll make sure she dies! (*Takes out Death Note*)

But really, what does she has to gain from killing her father?

Shigofumi also needs to be a little more dark. There was a whole block in the middle that seemed to be part of your average shoujo-love story. And the “YOU GOT MAIL!” gag made me stare blankly at the screen for quite a long time.

But, this may have been just to build up the assumption that Ayase was a normal, nice, little girl. Which, of course, she isn’t. GO YANDERE POWER!

I really hope Shigofumi doesn’t end up with Hell Girl’s “Letter of the Episode” formula (hohoho). Even working in small arcs can develop the characters enough so that we can relate to them. Shigofumi seems like such an interesting anime, I’d hate for it to go the same way as Jigoku Shoujo.


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