Persona -trinity soul- 3: Finally!

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Hoorah! We finally get to see some action in Persona! Let’s just forget that the action scene lasted lasted less then ten minutes. It’s the thought that counts, right? … Yes, that’s right, Persona needs a lot more mecha fights. Currently, it has only two eight-minute fights and one three second fight within three damn episodes!

It’s also three episodes in, and I have no idea what’s going on. Maybe I would have if I knew what a Persona was. Looking at other blogs, those who have played the game and know seem to be enjoying Persona more then the ones who don’t.

But I’m guessing that the mysterious pills on Ryo’s desk have something to do with it.

Poor Jun, he has little to none screentime. I thought the subplot about him and Yuki was going to be so insanely important, but it seems that it really isn’t. Sure, Eiko references both Yuki and Jun’s mother quite a lot, to Jun’s dismay, but it’s not exactly the focus of this episode.
We also see a bit more of the Red-Haired lolita, and it’s quite obvious that she is not Megumi. Megumi’s hair is pink, and now I can conform that Miss Red-Hair has, um, RED HAIR. Must be poor animation quality.

I am glad to say that the music is getting better. I really liked the music which played during the ten-minute fight, and then the opera-esque music right after. There’s definitely some mysterious music during the middle, and we do hear something resembling the cool BGM in episode 1. The animation doesn’t get much better, although at least now, Jun’s face looks pretty correct.

Shin is a bad boy for going onto Ryo’s private database. I’m just waiting for the next episode, when Ryo is bound to enter the room just as Shin is reading the private list.


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