Spice and Wolf 1: Anthrofest

February 3, 2008 at 5:18 am | Posted in Spice and Wolf | 1 Comment
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I really don’t like anthros that much. In fact, some anthros are kind of creepy. And it really doesn’t help that the furry community scares me quite a lot. So, obviously, I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy when I found out that the female lead of “Spice and Wolf” was some type of wolf anthro. But nonetheless, Horo is an awesome character. I’d like to call her tsuntsun, but that’s not exactly it.

Lawrence is pretty fun as well. I enjoy it when a male harem lead is macho and manly. Although, unless he gets some character development later, I can see how he might get boring fast. The interactions between him and Horo are really entertaining, and the scene when he just meets her is GOLD.

I hope we’ll get some more insight on Horo’s “other form”. All we really saw of it in this episode was a big, white paw where her arm should be. It’s quite obvious that it’s some sort of wolf-like figure. I really want to know about the implications of this form. Horo makes one small reference that people are scared of her partially because of this form. Are the people just scared because the “other form” looks physically terrifying, or is it something else entirely? And why doesn’t she just stay in her anthro-form forever? That way, no one will have to be frightened at all.

The animation is pretty average, and Lawrence’s head is out of proportion sometimes. But the music is beautiful. I espicially like the upbeat, happy musicat the end of the episode. Apparently, it seems that during the more onimous, mysterious parts, there is no background music, but just faint cicada chirps. That creates quite an effective effect (Higurashi, anyone?), but I personally think that it would have done a bit better if there actually was some sort of music playing.

Well, all in all, Spice and Wolf has loads of potential. I’ll try my best to catch up to the current episodes (I’m around five episodes late, aren’t I?)!


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  1. Hmmm curious and curiouser :3 …

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