Persona -trinity soul- 4: Where Has all the Action Gone?

February 9, 2008 at 5:12 am | Posted in PERSONA ~trinity soul~ | Leave a comment
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If Persona really wants to be a great hit, then it has too focus on the action, NOT the intangible drama components. Maybe it’s because I’m too thick, but all I can make of the whole Yuki-Jun plotline (which apparently, is important again) is that Yuki, Jun’s twin died several years ago and gave a “whale’s feather (WTF?)” to him. No, I can’t tell if that’s actually Jun crossdressing, if it was actually Yuki from the dead, or whatnot. Maybe it was Jun(the boy) who died as Yuki(the girl), similiar to the Sonozaki Twin’s plotline in Higurashi. But I really don’t care at the moment.

Persona really has to have the viewers sympathize with Jun before going into his deep, dark, past. Alright, so his twin died. That has the potiential to become a sad, interesting backstory. But, it’s not a sad, interesting backstory yet. We don’t care about Jun yet. So, this whole Jun-crossplaying thing is kind of strange and undeveloped to me.

Ms. Red Hair scares me. Her face matches that of an adult, but look at how SHORT she is.but she seems tall enough in Ryo’s short flashblack sequence, so it may just be bad animation. I also wonder if Yuki (if that’s who the girl was) fancies Ryo. Incest is always fun, right?

The animation is getting exceeding average, which is pretty good. At least Jun’s face looks normal now. But damn, I love the soundtrack. This anime has some of the best music ever. Sometimes, I just lie down on my chair, close my eyes and listen to the music. Unfortunately, there wasn’t the awesome rock-rap music this episode. Although, the use of the the opera music (Miss Red-Hair’s theme) compensates for that.


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