Who the heck are you?

I’m Rondel, an otaku. I live in Canada, where it is cold and sad day and night. I enjoy talking about anime quite a lot, but because none of my friends care for it (except for one in particular, who likes yaoi a lot. Ahem.), I created this blog. I would agree with this friend a bit more, if only I enjoyed yaoi and yuri a bit more then I do now.

Your friends are… normal?

Of course! Aren’t your friend’s normal… ?


Sekaikei refers to a small love which leads to big problems and consequences (unless I misread the post.) It’s really the name of the blog because it’s a fun word to say. Although, I do love anime.

Why is it that you are so in love with Rika?

Rika is my favorite character from Higurashi. She’s loli, mature, and not crazy emo at the same time. When’s the last time you’ve seen THAT combination? Actually, I like Rika’s mature personality more then her loli one, which may get annoying at times (NIIIII~!). She’ a lot more sexy in mature-mode, as well.

What? Angry at the lack of Shion pictures?

Now, you’re happy!

How about Rena? And Mion? And Satoko? And Keiichi?

Group shot wallpaper. Please don’t ask about other characters, alright?


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