H2O ~Footprints in the sand~ 1: Slit My Wrists

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The higurashi windmill

You know, I think I’m going to blog H2O after all. Why, you ask? Well:

1. It’s MIGHT just be good. Maybe.
2. If it isn’t good, it’ll be amusing to laugh at how bad it is.
3. It must have the worst marketing scheme ever.

Well, on to the first episode!

The show starts off with a very inspiring speech, while showing pretty imagery of the sea and the sky. Unfortunately, within a few minutes, it’s cuts off to an emo scene of an emo blue-haired girl being bullied by two thugs. Then, after some clips of Hirose being emo, we see an emo shot of the town.

Yes, this will not only be a harem, it will be an EMO harem! Aren’t you excited?

My favorite character has to be Hinata’s grandfather, who seems to be scheming against Hirose.That scenes also gives Hinata the potiential to become a yandere (or at least a yangire). Or, it might go the other way, and Hinata will save Hirose from her grandfather’s evil schemes (assuming that he has some.)

My favorite out of the three girls is Otoha. Hayami is too tsundere, and Hinata is too deredere (unless she becomes a yandere later on).

Okay, so H2O does have some potential to be one of those drama-harem which I love. In fact, this episode raises quite a lot of questions, that, if built on, may turn H2O into a true tear-jerker (pun intended). But, after the terrible trailer, and the emo opening segment, I’m not going to put any serious thought into this anime, and simply just laugh at it’s terrible-ness.

Q: Does H2O rock you soul, yet?
A: No. It does not. But it is EMO!


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