Persona -trinity soul- 4: Where Has all the Action Gone?

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If Persona really wants to be a great hit, then it has too focus on the action, NOT the intangible drama components. Maybe it’s because I’m too thick, but all I can make of the whole Yuki-Jun plotline (which apparently, is important again) is that Yuki, Jun’s twin died several years ago and gave a “whale’s feather (WTF?)” to him. No, I can’t tell if that’s actually Jun crossdressing, if it was actually Yuki from the dead, or whatnot. Maybe it was Jun(the boy) who died as Yuki(the girl), similiar to the Sonozaki Twin’s plotline in Higurashi. But I really don’t care at the moment.

Persona really has to have the viewers sympathize with Jun before going into his deep, dark, past. Alright, so his twin died. That has the potiential to become a sad, interesting backstory. But, it’s not a sad, interesting backstory yet. We don’t care about Jun yet. So, this whole Jun-crossplaying thing is kind of strange and undeveloped to me.

Ms. Red Hair scares me. Her face matches that of an adult, but look at how SHORT she is.but she seems tall enough in Ryo’s short flashblack sequence, so it may just be bad animation. I also wonder if Yuki (if that’s who the girl was) fancies Ryo. Incest is always fun, right?

The animation is getting exceeding average, which is pretty good. At least Jun’s face looks normal now. But damn, I love the soundtrack. This anime has some of the best music ever. Sometimes, I just lie down on my chair, close my eyes and listen to the music. Unfortunately, there wasn’t the awesome rock-rap music this episode. Although, the use of the the opera music (Miss Red-Hair’s theme) compensates for that.


Persona -trinity soul- 3: Finally!

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Hoorah! We finally get to see some action in Persona! Let’s just forget that the action scene lasted lasted less then ten minutes. It’s the thought that counts, right? … Yes, that’s right, Persona needs a lot more mecha fights. Currently, it has only two eight-minute fights and one three second fight within three damn episodes!

It’s also three episodes in, and I have no idea what’s going on. Maybe I would have if I knew what a Persona was. Looking at other blogs, those who have played the game and know seem to be enjoying Persona more then the ones who don’t.

But I’m guessing that the mysterious pills on Ryo’s desk have something to do with it.

Poor Jun, he has little to none screentime. I thought the subplot about him and Yuki was going to be so insanely important, but it seems that it really isn’t. Sure, Eiko references both Yuki and Jun’s mother quite a lot, to Jun’s dismay, but it’s not exactly the focus of this episode.
We also see a bit more of the Red-Haired lolita, and it’s quite obvious that she is not Megumi. Megumi’s hair is pink, and now I can conform that Miss Red-Hair has, um, RED HAIR. Must be poor animation quality.

I am glad to say that the music is getting better. I really liked the music which played during the ten-minute fight, and then the opera-esque music right after. There’s definitely some mysterious music during the middle, and we do hear something resembling the cool BGM in episode 1. The animation doesn’t get much better, although at least now, Jun’s face looks pretty correct.

Shin is a bad boy for going onto Ryo’s private database. I’m just waiting for the next episode, when Ryo is bound to enter the room just as Shin is reading the private list.

Persona -trinity soul- 2: High School Blues

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I think, starting today, I’m going to take less screen shots and write more text. Is that a good idea, I wonder?

This episode of Persona introduces us to Shin’s high school and classmates, which the series can definitely do without. Megumi is one of the few tsuntsun I find extremely annoying, and Mr. Afro ends up scaring me. Morimoto is alright, through. You may know that she is voiced by Mai Nakahara. I love every character in the world who happens to be voiced by Mai.

I’m not really watching this anime for Shin and his mundane school life, but for Ryo and the “Apathy Syndrome”(?) case. That part of the series is so gratifying for me that it kind of redeems Shin’s boring school life. Unfortunately, this episode doesn’t have too much of that, except two small scenes. One about how everyone hates him, and another about how he hates everyone. Boring, eh?

Currently, my favorite character is the lolita girl on the bridge (pictured above). She looks a lot like an Aristocrat, which is a nice difference from the goth-lolis that are in every other anime containing a lolita. She seems to be the girl pictured in the first scene of the first episode. Her hair color is also coincidently very similar to Megumi’s. I really hope that that is just the character designer being lazy. If Megumi and the lolita are the same person, I’ll… (*Takes out Death Note*)

Megumi randomly falling asleep at the end of the episode is the most terrible and irrational plot device I’ve ever come across, during my millions of years as an otaku. The ending wasn’t all that suspenseful, either. It’s very obvious what’s going to happen.

The music annoys me greatly. Where were the cool themes from the last episode? The animation isn’t as good as the opening episode, as well. Jun’s strange facial alignments scare me. But I am enjoying the fact that they’re using watercolor-style CG backgrounds less and less.

PERSONA -trinity soul- 1: ???

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I’ve never even touched anything from the PERSONA franchise before, so I have no idea what’s happening. The mecha (if that’s what they are, anyways) fights were pretty cool and all, but I couldn’t make any sense of it at all. I’m probably going to keep watching, though.

I will say that I L O V E D the BGM, especially the ones with vocals. I guess I do love rock music after all. I only wish the OP and the ED were as nice. The music in both is so generic, it made me want to throw up. The animation in the OP also manages to make Shin look like a crybaby, and Jun look like a girl (but with all that about his twin, that might just be on purpose).

Ryo and his police troupe are probably the only real men in the series.

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