Persona -trinity soul- 2: High School Blues

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I think, starting today, I’m going to take less screen shots and write more text. Is that a good idea, I wonder?

This episode of Persona introduces us to Shin’s high school and classmates, which the series can definitely do without. Megumi is one of the few tsuntsun I find extremely annoying, and Mr. Afro ends up scaring me. Morimoto is alright, through. You may know that she is voiced by Mai Nakahara. I love every character in the world who happens to be voiced by Mai.

I’m not really watching this anime for Shin and his mundane school life, but for Ryo and the “Apathy Syndrome”(?) case. That part of the series is so gratifying for me that it kind of redeems Shin’s boring school life. Unfortunately, this episode doesn’t have too much of that, except two small scenes. One about how everyone hates him, and another about how he hates everyone. Boring, eh?

Currently, my favorite character is the lolita girl on the bridge (pictured above). She looks a lot like an Aristocrat, which is a nice difference from the goth-lolis that are in every other anime containing a lolita. She seems to be the girl pictured in the first scene of the first episode. Her hair color is also coincidently very similar to Megumi’s. I really hope that that is just the character designer being lazy. If Megumi and the lolita are the same person, I’ll… (*Takes out Death Note*)

Megumi randomly falling asleep at the end of the episode is the most terrible and irrational plot device I’ve ever come across, during my millions of years as an otaku. The ending wasn’t all that suspenseful, either. It’s very obvious what’s going to happen.

The music annoys me greatly. Where were the cool themes from the last episode? The animation isn’t as good as the opening episode, as well. Jun’s strange facial alignments scare me. But I am enjoying the fact that they’re using watercolor-style CG backgrounds less and less.


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