Shigofumi and True Tears Licensed!

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ANN: Bandai Visual Gets Shigofumi, True Tears Anime

Anime companies are sure working faster. Three episodes out in Japan, and already these series got licensed. I’m sure Shigofumi was a safe choice. I’ll make sure to buy some DVDs once they come out. True Tears… not so much.

Anyways, I’ve made a vow to never download any licensed anime, so now my watching list is down to only PERSONA. I’ll probably start blogging H2o again, and maybe start on Spice and Wolf.

Now, only one thing can make us happier in the distressing time: Rika!


Shigofumi 2: Lolicon is a Terrible Pursuit

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It seems Shigofumi is going to use mini-arcs. Two episodes per case. I’m really glad about that, as even two episodes can contain a whole lot more character development then just one (ahem, Jigoku Shoujo). I really want to know a bit more about Fumika and Kanaka. Why the heck are are they randomly delivering letters from dead people? Fumika doesn’t even seem to care about the contents of the letters themselves, just delivering them.

I must say, the arc’s storyline is awfully cliche. Asuna’s father is an evil scheming man who deserved to die, and Asuna is only crazy because of past experiences. Yes, Asuna is a good girl, nevermind that she killed poor Shouta for unknown reasons. But all this was presented in such a manner, that it made me almost cry and feel sorry for Asuna. Shigofumi excels at presentation.

I wish we knew more about Asuna’s father. I demand another episode on why Asuna’s father’s does what he does. I want to know why he would sell his daughters for lolicon just to create money. Teenager pornagraphy is pretty terrible, but child pornagraphy is even worse. In fact, I even want to know why he’s in a hospital.

Kanaka’s getting pretty annoying. She’s much too hyper.

Shigofumi 1: Unexpected Yandere Attacks

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Played some Narcissu. Now time to get back on track.

Ayase is a textbook example of a yandere. Too bad I don’t enjoy textbook examples of yandere. Yangire are just so much better.

If the people in the preview are her and her sister, the next episode seems to be setting the stage for Ayase to kill her little sister. And if she kills that loli, oh, I’ll make sure she dies! (*Takes out Death Note*)

But really, what does she has to gain from killing her father?

Shigofumi also needs to be a little more dark. There was a whole block in the middle that seemed to be part of your average shoujo-love story. And the “YOU GOT MAIL!” gag made me stare blankly at the screen for quite a long time.

But, this may have been just to build up the assumption that Ayase was a normal, nice, little girl. Which, of course, she isn’t. GO YANDERE POWER!

I really hope Shigofumi doesn’t end up with Hell Girl’s “Letter of the Episode” formula (hohoho). Even working in small arcs can develop the characters enough so that we can relate to them. Shigofumi seems like such an interesting anime, I’d hate for it to go the same way as Jigoku Shoujo.

Sekaikei/Winter Season

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Today I’ve decided to quit being lazy and create my own anime blog.

Yay for me.

So, I’ve decided to start right at the beginning of the winter season, and so I’m choosing the anime that I’ll probably be blogging about this season.

So, let’s start!



My opinion: Well, this certainly looks pretty nice. I do like the odd animation style.

Interested? Yes.

True Tears

My opinion: Seems like this is the drama-harem of the season. Now, other drama-harems like Kanon2006, were very nice, but it seems that True Tears isn’t from KyoAni.

Interested? Yes.


My opinion: I really liked the trailer, and the premise seems interesting. I just hope it doesn’t become old after 2 episodes. Because, seriously, this sounds so much like Jigoku Shoujo.

Interested? Maybe.

PERSONA -trinity soul-

My opinion: Seems very generic, but hey! Who knows?

Interested? Maybe.

Well, all in all, I hope this will be a nice season.

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